Swiss Liquid Future AG is a system provider for the climate-friendly conversion of renewable power from excess capacities for storage in CO2-neutral, clean, synthetic fuels.

Determinants of Swiss Liquid Future Systems:

  • Storing renewable power in the form of fuel
  • Replacing fossil petrol with H2 methanolⓒ
  • Decentral production of fuel directly at the generator house upstream from the transformer station:
    No transmission losses
  • CO2 compensation in the relevant country, use of local CO2
  • Independent economic production, instead of being dependent on oil or fuel imports
  • Maintaining economic efficiency and increasing sustainable power production



Core components of Swiss Liquid Future Systems (SLF):

  • Licensing Silicon Fire® Power to Liquid Technology
  • Construction and warranty through globally active well-known plant construction companies
  • Access to locations at hydropower plants and other renewable power generation plants
  • CO2-purchases from local sources
  • Sales organisation in the home market or for export in various transport areas and containers
  • Access to equity and outside capital with financing structuring
  • Inclusion of proprietary and operating companies
  • Coordination of legal framework conditions (customs, environmental authorities, climate protection)